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TANNOY VNet2 Dante Bridge




The VNET2-Dante Bridge is a standalone device available from Tannoy designed to facilitate integration of VNET2 products such as QFlex with Dante digital audio networks. It is powered via PoE or alternatively by an optional extra 12 V power supply.

Dante is an audio networking technology developed by Audinate. It allows many channels of uncompressed digital audio and control data to be conveyed down a standard Ethernet network. The VNET2 Dante Bridge allows VNET2 devices to be seamlessly integrated into Dante systems with the minimum of fuss. Analog outputs also allow the Dante Bridge to be used with products that do not have VNET2 Interfaces such as 1st generation VNET speakers and SC1 controllers.

The three primary uses for the Dante Bridge are:

Dante audio to AES3 conversion with VNET control (for use with VNET2 equipped products – currently only Tannoy QFlex)
Conversion of Dante audio to analogue audio with VNET™ control (for use with VNET equipped products)
Conversion of Dante audio to analogue audio (for Dante break-out to any product with analogue inputs)