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Univox – PLS-X5 – Univox Loop Ampli fier for lecture theatres – audito riums – c

The largest model in the high efficiency X series range of loop Amplifiers

The PLS-X5, is currently the highest powered model in our X series of professional loop amplifiers with a square area coverage to 450m2. These amplifiers are the most efficient professional loop drivers available. Using digital transformer technology has eliminated transformer modulation distortion further improving the listening experience for hearing aid users. In addition, being more than 8 times more efficient than conventional technology it has enabled smaller and lighter construction with lower power consumption and less heat dissipation. The amplifiers are all packaged in stylish, convection cooled, 1/2 width 1U housings (19″ rack). Operating in silence, they use less energy, generate less heat and cost less to run than conventional systems.