$782.00 MSRP inc.GST

Univox – CTC-121 – Univox Cross the Counter – Ticket Booth Hearing Loop System

Univox CTC-121 Counter Loop High power Cross counter system with Gooseneck microphone
The Univox CTC-121 is one of a range of counter loop kits complete with loop amplifier, microphone and preformed loop. 
The systems are designed for use at reception desks, supermarket checkouts, ticket counters and similar one to one service desks. Installed correctly, they will provide high clarity intelligible audio communication between staff and hearing aid user, meeting the performance standard IEC60118-4 to comply with the law and above all provide a benefit to the hearing aid user, staff and other customers. 

At the heart of the Univox CTC-121 is the Univox DLS-50 loop amplifier with its proprietary Dual Action AGC, automatic gain control. Capable of covering areas up to 50m2 this kit is suitable for installations where there is no or little metal in the counter construction and where a goose neck microphone can be conveniently located (ideally fixed) in close proximity to the staff speaking position.

DLS-50 Loop Amplifier 

The DLS-50 is a compact yet powerful loop amplifier for wireless listening through your hearing aid. DLS-50 is developed for maximum power, versatility and ease of use and is equipped with Univox automatic volume control (Dual Action AGC) for a smooth sound experience. The thumb wheel volume control with digits for easily memorized setting of the right field strength level along with bass and treble controls secures pure sound quality. The metal case and effective cooling ensures long lasting problem free use.

Connect DLS-50 to your TV, stereo, MP3, a microphone or any other sound source that you want to hear clearly. A super sensitive dedicated microphone input with 12V phantom power and signal strength potentiometer, a combined mic/line input and a line input makes it possible to connect your DLS-50 to virtually any sound source you like.

 Power Supply  External power supply 18VA (switched power supply included)
 Area of Coverage  50m2 room loop according to IEC 60118-4