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Arrayable 2-Way 15\ Full Range Loudspeaker for Installation Applications, 90° H x 50° V Dispersion





The 2 way full range TPA152/95 is a switchable passive/bi-amp 15″ 2,000 Watt array able loudspeaker system that is ideally suited for a wide range of speech and music sound reinforcement applications. The TPA152/95 is designed to work in conjunction with Turbosound loudspeaker management systems, providing optimal FOH performance, as well as offering considerable flexibility to readily adapt to varying venue requirements.

The TPA152/95 array able loudspeaker features a carbon fiber loaded 15″ low frequency driver with inside/outside wound coil with low mass voice coil for improved transient response, and an aluminum dome 1″ neodymium motor compression driver mounted on a rotatable 90° horizontal by 50° vertical waveguide. All drivers are matched with an internal passive crossover network in a reflex-loaded enclosure, and bi-amp mode can be enabled by means of a rear panel switch.

Finished in a highly durable semi matt black paint, the cabinet is constructed from 15 mm (5⁄8″) birch plywood – and includes a rugged powder coated perforated steel mesh grille backed with reticulated foam. Internal M10 threaded rigging points are provided for suspension in any orientation, or mounting with dedicated brackets – available separately. The rear panel connector plate carries Neutrik speakON * NL4 and barrier strip connectors for input and link connections to additional enclosures.




  • Arrayable 2 way full range loudspeaker for installation applications
  • Rotatable waveguide with 90? H x 50? V dispersion
  • 500 Watts continuous, 2,000 Watts peak power
  • Carbon fibre loaded 15″ low frequency driver with inside/outside wound coil
  • Aluminium dome 1″ neodymium motor compression driver
  • Multiple array configurations for extended coverage
  • Switchable passive/bi-amp operation for flexibility of use
  • Trapezoidal cabinet shape enables visually unobtrusive loudspeaker arrays
  • Multiple internal rigging points allow bracket mount and suspension in any orientation
  • 15 mm (5/8″) birch plywood enclosure with hard wearing semi matt black paint finish
  • Architecturally styled powder coated perforated steel mesh grille
  • Neutrik speakON * NL4 and barrier strip connectors
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.


Architecture & Engineering Specifications

The speaker shall be of the full range, two-way switchable bi-amp/passive type consisting of one 15″ (394 mm) LF driver and one 1″ (25 mm) HF compression driver. Performance specifications of a typical production unit shall meet or exceed the following: frequency response, measured with swept sine wave input, shall be flat within ±3 dB from 43 Hz to 18 kHz and within -10 dB from 37 Hz to 20 kHz. Nominal dispersion, at -6 dB points, shall average 90° H x 50° V, rotatable. Nominal impedance shall be HF: 6 Ohms, LF: 8 Ohms; passive: 8 Ohms. Power handling shall be HF: 40 Watts continuous, 160 Watts peak, LF: 500 Watts continuous, 2,000 Watts peak; passive: 500 Watts continuous, 2,000 Watts peak. Sensitivity, measured on axis, mean averaged over stated bandwidth, shall be 97 dB, 1 Watt @ 1 metre. Maximum SPL (peak), measured at 1 metre with music program at stated amplifier input, shall be HF: 128 dB, LF: 130 dB; passive: 130 dB. Dimensions: 781 mm high x 419 mm wide x 503 mm deep (30.7″ x 16.5″ x 19.80″). Net weight: 27.0 kg (59.4 lbs). The loudspeaker system shall be the TURBOSOUND TPA152/95. No other loudspeaker shall be acceptable unless submitted data from an independent test laboratory verifies that the above combined performance / size specifications are equaled or exceeded.



Frequency Response 43 Hz – 18 kHz ±3 dB
37 Hz – 20 kHz -10 dB
Nominal Dispersion 90° H X 50° V @ -6 dB points, rotatable
Directivity Factor (Q) 10.4
Directivity Index (DI) 10.2
Power Handling (IEC)
Sensitivity 97 dB (1 W @ 1 m)
Maximum SPL
Crossover Type Passive / bi-amp, switchable
Components 1 x 15″ (394 mm) LF driver
1 x 1″ (25 mm) HF compression driver
Connectors 1 x Neutrik speakON* NL4
1 x barrier strip terminals
Dimensions (H x W x D) 781 x 419 x 503 mm (30.7 x 16.5 x 19.8″)
Net Weight 27.0 kg (59.4 lbs)
Construction 15 mm (5/8″) birch plywood
Finish Semi matt black paint
Grille Powder-coated perforated steel
Flying Hardware M10 x 15 points
TPA152-WB wall bracket PRAGUE 15
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