$59.00 MSRP inc.GST

TOA – YS151S – Swivel Bracket for SC Horns

The YS-151S is a swivel bracket for mounting small horn speakers (not usable for car mounting). It permits the adjustment of the speaker installation angle for up to 360゜ horizontal and 180゜ vertical. The YS-151S features the strong, weather-resistant construction made of zinc.

Finish Bracket : Zinc, black, paint
Hexgon headed bolt, butterfly nut, coiled spring, and washer: Stainless steel
Weight 430 g
Applicable speakers SC-610, SC-610M, SC-610T, SC-615, SC-615M, SC-615T, SC-630, SC-630M, SC-630T, SC-630TU
Mounting method Mounting using
1. M6 bolt (3 pcs)
2. G16 cable pipe
3. Band


TOA YS151S Data Sheet