$189.00 MSRP inc.GST

TOA – T01S – Module 600 Ohm Line Output Suits EA912 Amplifier

The TOA T-01S is for use with transformer-isolated output of mixing bus signal to feed other mixers, amps and tape recorders. (Functions only in A-900MK2, M-900MK2, W-900A Series, 700 Series and BG-M Series; not usable in P900MK2 Series)


  • Controls/Functions:
    • Gain Control
  • Gain (Adjustable): 4 ~ 20 dB
  • Max Imput/Output: +18 dB tb
  • Signal to Noise (S/N): 80 dBu (S/N)
  • Physical Connector: Removable Terminal Block


TOA T01S Specification