TOA SC-630M-EB – Speaker – Horn 30 Watt – 100 Volt – IP65 Certified to AS 7240.24:2018

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TOA SC630M-EB paging horn speaker is a 30W 70V/100V line high impedance horn loudspeaker. Suitable for public address announcement applications.

BSI Certified for Australian Standard Fire detection and alarm systems, Fire alarm loudspeakers AS7240.24:2018

IP65- “Dust tight”, and protected from low pressure jets of water.

Its external speaker component are finished with powder coating. Stainless steel bracket and screws ensure the unit’s weatherproof and corrosion resistance capability. The horn flare is made of aluminium, which is more shock resistant than resin.

The “M”-Type line-up includes models rated at 10W (SC610M), 15W (SC615M) and 30W (SC630M). These models are designed for use in high-impedance (70V/100V lines) systems. This wide product line-up permits selection of the ideal speaker for most applications. High-impedance models are equipped with an input impedance selector switch. The switch is also equipped with an OFF position which helps prevent speaker damage resulting from incorrect impedance settings.

SC Series horn speakers feature newly developed diaphragms employing special heat-resistant fibres impregnated with phenolic resin to prevent the diaphragm from absorbing moisture and changing shape. High speaker efficiency has also been realized by minimizing the gap produced when the diaphragm bobbin is installed in the magnetic circuitry slit. The aluminium foil bobbin also features excellent heat dissipation properties to resist high power inputs and ensure high speaker durability.

The unique oval shape enhances excellent speech clarity. The TOA SC630M-EB horn speaker is an excellent choice for most applications.

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