$259.00 MSRP inc.GST

TOA – RS150 – IP Network Intercom S ubstation Half Duplex

The RS-150 can call and converse with the registered master stations. It utilizes a 2-core shielded cable.

Rated Input 1 W
Rated Impedance 625 Ω (1 W/25 V)
Internal Speaker 4 cm cone-type
Wiring Two-core shielded cable
Transmission Range 0.5 km (546 yd)/φ0.5 mm (AWG24)
0.8 km (874 yd)/φ0.65 mm (AWG22)
1.3 km (1421 yd)/φ0.9 mm (AWG19)
Operating Temperature -10 ℃ to +50 ℃
(Temperature range not to freeze the speaker and switch)
Finish Panel: Stainless steel, hairline
Call button: Resin
Dimensions 120 (W) × 120 (H) × 48.5 (D) mm
Weight 410 g
Accessory Box mounting screw (No.6-32UNC × 18) ……4,
Box mounting screw (M4 × 25) ……4
Applicable Box For flush-mount: 2-gang electrical box YC-302 (option)
For surface-mount: Indoor wall-mount box YC-822 (option)


TOA RS150 Product Brochure