$129.00 MSRP inc.GST

TOA – RS144 – IP Network Intercom S witch Panel with Call and Emergency Buttons –

The N-8400RS Exchange uses a new line of 4-wire substations. These allow easy retrofit and upgrade of existing 2 & 4-wire systems. The RS-140 call button panel operates on the new 2-wire exchanges but is designed to work with a 25V PA speaker in classroom applications.

Note: Running the N-8000 Software requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express. Please be sure to download and install both programs for full software functionality. When using software version 3.00 or 2.02, all N-8000 devices on the network must have firmware version 2.0 or higher. Instructions for updating the firmware are located in the N-8000 system manual under: “System Settings Using the Browser: System Management: Updating Firmware.”

Software v1.41

For customers continuing to use original N-8000 products only and who do not require any new features or functionality, you may update the firmware in your components to v1.41. This includes the following N-8000 models: N-8000EX, N-8010EX, N-8000MI, & Q-8540WP. Please note- ALL system components need to be updated to the same version firmware to ensure reliable operation. The firmware for your product(s) can be found on the TOA Data Library by clicking on the following link: Just enter the model number and follow the appropriate link (for U.S. models please use the “CU” version download)”. Then click on the Software (firmware) link to download.”

Note: Components with 1.41 or earlier firmware will not work with GUI software v2.00 or later.

Product Features

  • May be programmed for dual-priority call or call into two different master stations.
  • Connects to N-8000RS & N-8010RS exchanges via shielded twisted pair wire and 25V speaker for half-duplex communication with assigned master station.
  • Optional RS-141 handset may also be used.


TOA RS144 Product Brochure