$2,749.00 MSRP inc.GST

TOA – MM700F – Mixer – 6 Input

The MM-700F is a 6-input matrix mixer: 4 of its inputs are configured for BGM or other line-level sources, while two balanced inputs are designated for priority sources, such as paging mics or message players. A totally digital product sporting 24Bit/48kHz digital sound quality, its simple user-interface belies its advanced inner workings. The only controls any user needs to access are the front panel source select buttons and four output level (zone) controls. All other controls are placed on the rear panel to prevent unauthorized tampering. An optional wall control (WP-700-AM) can be connected via a single shield CAT5 cable to each of the four output channels, allowing access to volume and source select.


Key Features
• 4 stereo line and 2 priority MIC/LINE inputs with matrix routing to 4 line outputs.
• 2 priority inputs with different priority level for paging or other audio source to override stereo line inputs.
• Each priority input has input gain level, mute sensitivity and mute hold time adjustments.

• Independent DSP preset selection per each channel and 50Hz HPF for speaker protections.
• DSP preset selections include general EQs, TOA speaker EQs and X-over settings to be used with subwoofers.
• Up to 4 wall mount remote control, WP-700 can be connected to control the line input selection and output volume.
• 100-240V universal power supply.


TOA MM700F Manual

TOA MM700F Product Brochure