$289.00 MSRP inc.GST

TOA – HYCW1B – Ceiling bracket for HX5 black

The HY-CW1B is designed to be used exclusively to mount the HX-5 series speaker system to a ceiling. The speaker can be rotated 360゜ horizontally. It can also be tilted vertically up to 82.5゜ when suspended horizontally, and depending on the speaker directivity mode, up to 67.5゜ (for 60゜ mode) or 75%%d (for 15゜, 30゜ or 45゜ mode) when suspended vertically. This bracket is designed for indoor use.

Finish Steel plate, black, semi-gloss, paint
Dimensions 120 (W) × 200 (H) × 220 (D) mm
Weight 2 kg
Accessory Speaker rear bracket mounting bolt (M8) with washer …4


TOA HYCW1B Product Brochure