TOA – ER2230W – Megaphone Shoulder – 30 Watt – Whistle Requires 10 x D Batteries

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TOA ER2230W (Whistle) 30W-45W Output. Audible range up to 800m.




The TOA ER2230W megaphone is a large shoulder or carry style megaphone with whistle. It has a detachable hand held mic with volume control and on off switch. Also has an EXT mic input, an AUX input, and DC power input. TOA offer exceptional performance and reliability and include a 3 Year Warranty.

The TOA ER2230W is one of the most popular megaphones and is used on many of Australia’s beaches . It can be mounted on beach buggies or easily carried around with the shoulder strap to warn  of any danger.  The external material is constructed out of aluminium and uses a proprietary polyimide diaphragm to ensure high sound quality and robustness. Ideal for sporting and surf lifesaving clubs who need a reliable product to broadcast warnings and emergencies.

The TOA ER2230W Megaphone can be powered from a vehicle with a 12 volt electrical system with any of the following 12V power leads accessories M8618, LP1993 or LP2008.




  • 30W Rated / 45W Max Power output
  • Whistle feature
  • 10 x D size batteries External power 12V DC Battery
  • Up to 17hrs battery life
  • Battery life indicator
  • Up to 800m audible range
  • Auxiliary line input
  • External microphone input
  • Wide frequency range and enhanced audio quality
  • Anti-bacterial treatment on microphone
  • Diaphragm; Polyimide film voice coil, bobbin
  • 3yr warranty
  • 3.6kg
  • Signal sound; whistle 1,600Hz to 2,400Hz
  • Aux input sensitivity; 10db 300mV, 10k 3.5 mini jack, stereo plug acceptable, volume control
  • Ext mic input; 600, unbalanced, 6.3 phone jack, volume control




Power Source Battery: R20P (D) × 10 (15 V DC)
External Power: 12 V DC Battery
Rated Output 30 W
Maximum Output 45 W
Signal Sound Whistle (1.6 to 2.4 kHz)
Battery Life Voice: Approx. 17 hours (JEITA (*2)), Whistle: Approx. 90 min. (JEITA (*2))
Audible Range Voice: Approx. 800 m (JEITA (*2)), Whistle: Approx. 1000 m (JEITA (*2))
AUX Input Sensitivity -10 dB (*1) (300 mV), 10 kΩ (φ3.5 mini jack, stereo plug acceptable) ,
volume control
EXT. Mic Input 600 Ω, unbalanced, %%c6.3 phone jack, volume control
Diaphragm Polyimide film (voice coil, bobbin)
Remaining Battery Indication LED (also serves as a power indicator)
Steady ON: Normal use, Flashing: Batteries need replacement
Operating Temperature -10 ℃ to +40 ℃
Finish Horn ring: Vinyl chloride, gray
Horn: Aluminum, light gray, paint
Case top: Die-cast aluminum, gray, paint
Strap: Nylon, black, Others: ABS resin, gray
Dimensions φ351 × 512 mm
Weight 3.6 kg (without batteries) , Microphone: 150 g
Accessory φ3.5 mini plug (AUX input)…1, External power supply cord (1 m)…1,
Splash-proof cover…1 (*3)
Option Speaker stand: ST-16A, Microphone: DM series
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