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TOA – A 2120DT – Mixer Amplifier 120 Watt – 100 Volt – 3 Mic – 2 Aux Rec Out – Evac Tones – Vox Mute

The A-2000D series is a range of high performance digital mixer power amplifiers suited for broadcasting paging and/or background music in schools, retail shops, offices, factories, houses of worship and large function rooms.

The A2120DT Mixer Power Amplifiers is designed to be a highly cost effective solution to the demands of PA applications.

The A2120DT has 6 tones via contact trigger ( Chime, Bell, Evac, Alert, Lockdown and all clear )

. The A-2000 series makes available a wide range of power outputs (A-2030D: 30W, A-2060D: 60W, A-2120D: 120W, A-2240D: 240W), with a frequency response of 50 – 20,000 Hz and distortion under 1%.

Three balanced/XLR3-31 type MIC inputs and two unbalanced/RCA pin jack AUX inputs, along with high impedance balanced (floating) speaker outputs and unbalanced REC outputs ensure operational versatility.

Phantom power and Vox muting are available on MIC 1, along with tone control for bass and treble.


Power Source 220 – 240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Rated Output

120 watt

Power Consumption 34W (AC operation at 1/8 maximum output without clip)
Frequency Response 50 – 20,000Hz (±3dB)
Distortion Under 1% at 1 kHz, 1/3 rated power

MIC 1 – 3: -60dB*, 600Ω, Balanced, 3P XLR

AUX 1, 2: -20dB*, 10 kΩ, Unbalanced, RCA pin jack


Speaker out: Balanced (Floating) High Impedance: 83 Ω (100V)

Rec out: 0 dB*, 600Ω, Unbalanced, RCA pin jack

Tones 6 tones via contact trigger ( Chime, Bell, Evac, Alert, Lockdown and all clear )
Phantom Power DC +21V (MIC 1)
Signal to noise ratio Over 60dB
Tone Control Bass: ±10dB at 100Hz/Treble: ±10dB at 10kHz
Muting MIC 1: Mutes other input signals by 0 – 30dB attenuation
Indicator Power LED, peak LED, signal LED
Dimensions 420 (W) × 100.6 (H) × 280.3 (D) mm
Weight 4.6 kg
*0dB = 1V


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