$819.00 MSRP inc.GST

TOA – A1812 – Mixer Amplifier 120 Watt – 3 Mic – 3 Aux Telephone Emergency – Priority

Equipped with Priority function, Chime function, and 2 Zone selector switches, the A-1812 PA Amplifier of 120 W is designed to suit the following PA system applications: paging announcements, intercommunication, BGM, and broadcasting in schools, offices, and shops. It’s power remote control function, provided especially for use in conjunction with the P-1812 (optional), will turn ON or OFF the P-1812’s power.

Technical Specification:
Mic inputs: -60dBV, balanced, for low impedance mic, XLR3 / three-pole 6.35mm jack
Mic 1 input 2: Alternative 5-pin DIN, with PTT contacts
Aux1, 2 inputs (1): -20dBV, unbalanced, dual RCA (phono)
Aux3 input: -20dBV, unbalanced, XLR3 / three-pole 6.35mm jack
‘Telephone’ input: 0dBV, unbalanced, 10k ohms, screw terminals
Emergency input: 0dBV, unbalanced, screw terminals
Frequency response: 50-20,000Hz, +/- 3dB
Distortion: Less than 2 percent at 1kHz, rated power
Signal to noise: Better than 100dB, master volume shut. Better than 76dB; master volume fully open; all input volumes shut. Better than 60dB; Mic 1-4. Better than 76dB; Aux 1-5
Tone controls: Bass; +/-10dB, 100Hz. Treble; +/-10dB, 10kHz
Recording output: 0dBV, unbalanced. Dual RCA (phono) connectors
Line outputs: 0dBV, unbalanced. Two RCA (phono) connector
Music on hold: 0dBV, transformer balanced, screw terminals
Control inputs: Telephone: Closing contact to activate, 24V DC, 5mA. Emergency: Closing contact to activate, 24V DC, 10mA
Control outputs: Power remote; Open collector, withstand 35V, below 50mA
Speaker outputs: Zone 1;100V line. Zone 2; 100V line. Direct; 100V line, 4ohm, balanced
Model: A1812
Power output(2) : 120W
Power consumption(3) : 260W / 7A
Weight: 12.6kg
Power source: AC: 220-230V AC, 50/60Hz. DC: 24V
Environment: -10 to +40 degrees C
Dimensions: 420(w) x 107.7(h) x 367(d) mm

Notes: (1) When using both inputs; (2) rated; (3) AC/DC, at rated power