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Tannoy – VX82

VX 8.2

8″ Dual Concentric Full Range Loudspeaker with Low Frequency Driver for Portable and Installation Applications


Product Features

VX 8.2

The VX 8.2 is a new concept for this type of device, adding new capabilities to the range with its exceptional acoustic clarity, definition and all round acoustical performance. Boasting an exceptional performance-to-size ratio, VX 8.2 provides a compact, yet punchy and sonically articulate solution for medium scale performance sound reinforcement as well as high performance speech reproduction where clarity and vocal character are paramount. The versatile twin driver design and mounting options also make the VX 8.2, due to acoustic matching with the wider range of VX Series models, perfectly capable components within much larger installations.

Dual Concentric Driver

The 800-Watt 200 mm (8″) version of TANNOY’s VX Series point source loudspeakers, VX 8.2’s constant directivity Dual Concentric drive unit technology ensures high power output with high sensitivity and exceptional efficiency. VX 8.2 delivers precise 90º dispersion for optimum coverage, exceptional forward gain plus the added benefit of improved low-mid extension from the twin driver configuration. An additional 200 mm (8″) low frequency driver is employed to provide extended bass response.

Performance Applications

VX 8.2’s trapezoidal enclosure design provides a multitude of placement options including: installed performance sound reinforcement, medium scale FOH, floor monitor, high SPL delay and and more. A blanking plate for optional VTH pole mounting is provided for placement atop a subwoofer in portable PA applications. An extensive range of optional VX 8.2 high performance steel mounting hardware (available separately) includes a horizontal yoke bracket, and Omni mount spaced inserts for wall and ceiling installation. All hardware has been tested and certified for a greater than 5:1 safety ratio – giving installers complete peace of mind.