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Tannoy – VX12WH

VX 12-WH

12″ Dual Concentric Full Range Loudspeaker for Portable and Installation Applications (White)


Product Features

VX 12-WH

The VX 12-WH Dual Concentric Full Range Loudspeaker boasts an exceptional performance-to-size ratio. VX 12-WH provides a compact, yet punchy and sonically articulate solution for small-scale performance sound reinforcement, as well as more demanding background music and high-intelligibility speech applications where clarity and natural vocal reproduction are paramount. Thanks to its twin driver design and flexible mounting options, the VX 12-WH is also ideally suited for use complimenting much larger systems, making it an excellent choice for both installed and portable applications.

Dual Concentric Driver

The 800-Watt 305 mm (12″) version of TANNOY’s VX Series exclusive point source loudspeakers, VX 12-WH’s Dual Concentric driver ensures high power output with high sensitivity and exceptional efficiency. VX 12-WH delivers precise 90º dispersion for optimum coverage, exceptional forward gain plus the added benefit of improved low-mid extension from the twin driver configuration.

Performance Applications

VX 12-WH’s trapezoidal enclosure design provides a multitude of placement options including: FOH, floor monitor, delay, and more. A blanking plate for optional VTH pole mounting is provided for placement atop a subwoofer in small-scale portable PA applications. Mounting options include horizontal and vertical mounting yokes (available separately), an Omni mount for wall and ceiling installation, and items to facilitate pole-mounting. All hardware has been tested and certified for a greater than 5:1 safety ratio – giving installers complete peace of mind.