$1,495.00 MSRP inc.GST

Tannoy – SM1


VNET Monitoring Unit for Networked PA/VA Systems


Product Features


Built on a tried and trusted processing ‘engine’, Sentinel keeps a watchful eye on the audio system and, if required, any controlling PCs. Problems are reported via relay contacts to the main monitoring panel in your system as well as being shown on Sentinel’s front panel display. Multiple Sentinels can even monitor each other and the same network simultaneously for systems that require dual redundant monitoring.

Standards Compliance

This product complies with the relevant European Community Directives. Compliance with these directives implies conformity with the following European standards:

•    EN55103-1 Electromagnetic Interference (Emission)
•    EN55103-2 Electromagnetic Susceptibility (Immunity)
•    EN60065 Electrical Safety

Sentinel also meets the requirements of UL6500 (Electrical Safety) and FCC part 15B (EMC)

This product is intended for operation in the E2 (commercial & light industrial) and E3 (urban outdoors) Electromagnetic Environments. E&OE

Ease of Use

There are no complex menus or software applications to navigate with the SM1. In most cases, you simply connect the SM1 to your network of VNET devices (such as QFlex), and it immediately starts to provide the monitoring your system requires. If your system demands something slightly more elaborate, such as monitoring a PC, then a simple control panel in the PodWare application allows you to set such things up.