$8,199.00 MSRP inc.GST

Tannoy – QFLEX16WP


Digitally Steerable Powered Column Array Loudspeaker with 16 Independently Controlled Drivers, Integrated DSP and BeamEngine GUI Control for Installation Applications (Weather Protected)


Product Features


The QFLEX 16-WP is a powered, digitally steerable multi-channel, column array loudspeaker designed as a complete solution for installed applications with challenging acoustics, such as houses of worship, transportation hubs, convention centers, conference facilities, shopping malls, performing arts centers and museums. Certified for water and dust ingress protection to IP54 standard, QFLEX 16-WP is an exceptional choice for indoor swimming pools or work areas with unusually high levels of dust or moisture, as well as outdoor applications where weather conditions are moderate. The heart of the system is our proprietary VNET loudspeaker networking platform, which comprises both software and hardware DSP components that produce extremely-high speech intelligibility, impactful music reinforcement, and complete loudspeaker system diagnostics and monitoring.

Class-Leading Control

While many competing steerable arrays allow only a modest steering range across specific frequencies, the QFLEX 16-WP has a class-leading ±70° steering control, plus 16 channels of integrated DSP and amplification for consistent and highly intelligible full-range voice and music applications.

A Revolution in Sound Technology

The first digitally steerable column array loudspeaker of its kind, QFLEX 16-WP’s revolutionary BeamEngine technology steers the the full-range sound away from surfaces that cause reflections. The intuitive BeamEngine GUI allows the designer to specify target areas. Rather than only providing a limited palette of opening and steering angles, the BeamEngine GUI generates a steering algorithm that is tailored for that specific area. The resulting asymmetrical pattern delivers similar sound pressure levels (SPL) in both the near and far field for superb coverage and intelligibility – all in a very aesthetically-pleasing package.