$74.95 MSRP inc.GST


Traditional style armband blood pressure meter measures systolic, diastolic and heart rate using the oscillometric method. It is very simple to use and gives a fast, accurate result of measured blood pressure and heart rate. Simply fits to your upper arm, just above the elbow, using the adjustable velcro band. Pressing the “Start” button inflates the band and begins the measurement process. In just seconds, the LCD panel displays the results. Features 90 memories, time & date display and a carry case. Instruction booklet included. Stores readings for up to 3 individuals. 

Includes 4 x AAA batteries. 


  • Systolic & diastolic readouts
  • Pulse display
  • Jumbo size LCD
  • Adjustable velcro arm cuff
  • 90 readout memories (30 for each person)
  • An excellent way to monitor your health at home without an expensive doctors visit.

This blood pressure monitor complies with the EC Directive and bears the CE mark ‘CE’. This blood pressure monitor complies with the following standards (but is not limited to) 

Safety standard: 
EN 60601-1 Medical electrical equipment part 1: general requirementts for safety. 
EMC standard: 
EN 60601-1-2 Medical electrical equipment part 1-2: General requirements for safety – Collateral standard: Electromagnetic compatibility – Requirements and tests. 

Performance standards: 
EN 1060-1 Non-invasive sphygmomanometers – general requirements. 
EN 1060-3 Non-invasive sphygmomanometers – Supplementary requirements for electromechanical blood pressure measuring systems. 
EN 1060-4 Non invasive sphygmomanometers – Test procedures to determine the overall system accuracy of automated non-invasive sphygmomanometers.