$21.50 MSRP inc.GST

Redback – S 1736A – Switch Pushbutton – 4PST – Alternate Illuminated – Solder – White

Alternate type illuminated push-button switch incorporating a very positive, audible and tactile feel when operated. Includes provision for a globe. In-built diffuser can be directly engraved. Alternatively a clear printed label can be placed behind the coloured cover. Globe not included. 

Terminal connections disconnect from the panel switch to allow switch to be mounted in a single 16mm round hole (15.8mm flat sides). 

S 1795: Protective flip up switch cover. 
S 1797: Globe removal & nut spanner. 
S 1798: Slide on terminal insulation cover. 

Globes to suit: 
S 1780A 12V Globe 
S 1785A 24V Globe