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Essentially, the system consists of a reader module and one or more “tags”. Based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identity) technology, each tag is encoded with a unique identity. 
When a tag is brought within range of the reader, it is energised by the reader’s magnetic field. It then transmits its unique code to the reader, which validates the code and arms or disarms the alarm system accordingly. 
This system also includes the ability to operate an electric door strike. A simple wave of your hand and an “Open Sesame” incantation are all that are required for the door to your castle to spring open! 

Important Note For Kit Buyers: 
This product is supplied in component form and requires soldering, drilling, and assembly. We recommend users are familiar with at least basic electronic principles and have the ability to solder. 


  • Contactless operation
  • 90-100mm detection range
  • No batteries (in tags) to go flat
  • Stores up to 24 tag ID codes
  • Easy tag addition & removal
  • Works through any non-metallic material
  • Audio feedback via on-board beeper
  • Tamper detection
  • Arm & alarm outputs
  • Electric door strike output
  • Suitable for home or car use
  • Requires 12V DC @ 40mA (nominal)

Why buy an Altronics Kit?
Altronics kits are premium do-it-yourself projects designed to be assembled with ease. However, basic electronics knowledge and soldering skills are essential to construct our kits. A difficulty rating is provided to help determine if your ability is sufficient to build the kit project. Please note, once assembly has been commenced we are unable to honor any warranty claims. Please see the full details here.