$18.95 MSRP inc.GST

Redback – K 6330 – KIT 3-9V DC-DC C ONVERTER

(Silicon Chip Magazine March ’04) Say you want a 9V battery to supply 40mA to a circuit. That’s a pretty modest current but if you use a PP3 style 9V battery it won’t last long at all. In fact, if you’re using a typical “heavy duty” 9V battery, it will last less than 20 minutes before the voltage drops to 7.8V. That may be enough to stop your circuit working. Or maybe you are using an alkaline type. Depending on the brand and price, you might get about two hours life. Not good. 

By comparison, two AA alkaline cells driving this DC-DC Converter circuit to give 9V at 40mA will last about 7 hours. And rechargeable AA cells can be even offer better performance. 

Important Note For Kit Buyers: 
This product is supplied in component form and requires soldering, drilling, and assembly. We recommend users are familiar with at least basic electronic principles and have the ability to solder.

Why buy an Altronics Kit?
Altronics kits are premium do-it-yourself projects designed to be assembled with ease. However, basic electronics knowledge and soldering skills are essential to construct our kits. A difficulty rating is provided to help determine if your ability is sufficient to build the kit project. Please note, once assembly has been commenced we are unable to honor any warranty claims. Please see the full details here.