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Listen – LA344 – Replacement mounti ng hardware for the LT84/LA141

$137.00 RRP Inc GST


Replacement Mounting Hardware (For LT-84, LA-141 only)


Easily mount and adjust your LT-84 ListenIR Transmitter/Radiator Combo and LA-141 ListenIR Expansion Radiator for any space or any installation with the LA-344 Replacement Mounting Hardware kit. The modular system allows the unit to be tilted 190° and rotated up to 360° with a locking ring to hold the desired position, and the included set screw adjusting options for a tamper-resistance setup. The length can also be adjusted to 2 in. (5.08 cm), 4 in. (10.16 cm), or 6 in. (15.24 cm) depending on the needs of your setup.

  • Flexible, versatile mounting system for wall, ceiling, or table use
  • 190° tilt adjustement and up to 360° rotation for any setup or installation
  • 5.08 cm (2 in.), 10.16 cm (4 in.), or 15.24 cm (6 in.) length adjustment options
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