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JBL PD764-WRX HIGH OUTPUT COAX 60 X 40 (Extreme Weather Protection Treatment)


Product Description

Very High Output Mid-High Loudspeaker System The PD764 Precision Directivity™ loudspeaker provides high-impact sound reinforcement at throw distances that are beyond the reach of single-driver designs. A single module produces greater than 104 dB SPL (continuous) at distances of 50 m (165 ft). The PD764 may be used in clusters with other PD family modules or singly as part of a distributed system. PD100 series low-frequency elements may be added to the array to extend bandwidth and pattern control to the lowest octaves.


  • 60° by 40° Coverage Pattern–symmetrical frontal dimensions allow horizontal or vertical orientation within an array.
  • IFS™ Interference Free Summation dual HF driver module eliminates destructive interference and increases output by 6 dB.
  • Dual 8 in horn loaded cone mid frequency drivers provide 6 dB greater output than traditional designs.
  • Pattern control maintained to below 400 Hz.
  • Co-axial mid / high-frequency module layout improves mid frequency arrayability and minimizes size.
  • Integrated rigging system simplifies array design and construction.