$8,376.53 MSRP inc.GST


JBL PD5125-WRC High Output Dual 15″ Low Frequency Loudspeaker with Weather Protection Treatment


The JBL PD5125-WRC is a high power, low frequency loudspeaker comprised of two 380 mm (15″) VGC (Vented Gap Cooled) low frequency drivers in a front-loaded, vented configuration. The trapezoidal cabinet is fitted with M10 threaded suspension points. It is intended for use as a flown or ground supported, high power, low frequency module used in conjunction with mid/high or full-range systems of the PD5000 and PD700 series.

The PD5125-WRC will perform well in any application where high output low bass is required. Low frequency transducers are the 2226H 380 mm (15″) VGC (Vented Gap Cooled) drivers. They deliver excellent low frequency extension with minimal power compression and low distortion plus high sensitivity and power handling. Large vent area assures minimal port compression and low distortion at high output levels.