$60.39 MSRP inc.GST


JBL MTC-TB6/8 Tile Bridge for Control 200, 300 Series


The MTC-TB6/8 Tile Bridge from JBL is compatible with the Control 200 Series and the Control 300 Series loudspeakers. The Tile Bridge should be paired with the MTC-200BB6 back can when being used with the Control 200 Series and the MTC-300BB8 back can when in use with the Control 300 Series.

18-gauge steel construction with an epoxy based powder coat finish
Over-the-grid design reduces sound transmission to the ceiling grid and minimizes rattling noise
12.2″ opening to accommodate both the Control 328C/CT and the Control 227C/CT models
Fits both 24″ and 23.6″ tile grids