$54.52 MSRP inc.GST


JBL MTC-16WG High-Humidity Grilles for Control 10 Series Ceiling Speakers (Pair, Black)


The pair of black MTC-16WG High-Humidity Accessory Grilles from JBL allows the Control 10 Series 16C/T-BK Ceiling Speaker to be used in environments with high humidity. The aluminum alloy material does not rust and the durable powder-coated finish prevents pitting that could otherwise occur with raw unfinished aluminum. The black polyester finish matches the look of the speaker.

The grille installs in place of the one that comes with the speaker and can be attached by press-fitting it directly onto the speaker (pressing closer to the edges is recommended so as not to dent the grille due to too much pressure at one location). A scrim is glued to the back of the grille to help break up driving precipitation that might reach the speakers.


For painting, do not remove the backing or painting. Paint the grilles lightly enough to color the grille without clogging the grille backing.
For use with Control 16C/T-BK Ceiling Speaker
Non-rusting aluminum construction for protection and color-matched polyester powder-coated satin finish for aesthetic appearance
Allows speakers to be used in high-humidity applications and in some protected/covered outdoor areas
RAL9004 black