$30,063.66 MSRP inc.GST

JBL – JBL IVX-587301

JBL IVX-587301 Intellivox-DS380, [email protected]


147.6″ Amp-at-bottom Digitally Steerable Loudspeaker Array

The unit shall be constructed as a line-array of twenty 4” full-range loudspeakers equipped with moisture resistant diaphragms. The individual loudspeakers shall be positioned according to a patented scheme.
All signal processing functions, necessary to properly drive a directivity controlled line-array with electronically aiming properties, shall be implemented on-board in order to reduce the overhead costs related to external connections. The complete electronics shall be mounted on a chassis which is placed in a separated compartment at the front-side of the enclosure. Electronics shall consist of an audio input module, two input / sixteen output channel DSP section, sixteen power amplifiers with protection circuitry (power amplifiers one to twelve shall drive one loudspeaker each, power amplifier thirteen to sixteen shall drive two loudspeakers) and a switched-mode power supply.