$15,512.85 MSRP inc.GST

JBL – JBL IVX-587040

JBL IVX-587040 Intellivox 180 Series


The Intellivox-DC180 is ideally suited for smaller less reverberant environments where improved speech intelligibility is required. It also can be used as a ‘fill system’ in larger Intellivox installations, providing coverage in shadow zones. A single Intellivox-DC180 is capable of covering an area of up to 25 m while maintaining an even sound pressure over the audience area. The twelve, custom designed, 4” loudspeakers are driven by an eight channel class-D amplifier, powered by a sophisticated switched mode power supply, all of which combine to ensure years of reliable operation.

  • Digitally Steerable
  • Self Powered
  • Loudspeaker Array