$9,524.17 MSRP inc.GST

JBL – JBL IVX-585000



The unit shall be constructed as a line-array of six 4″ full-range loudspeakers equipped with moisture resistant diaphragms and two coaxially mounted tweeters.
All signal processing functions, necessary to properly drive a directivity controlled line-array with electronically aiming properties, shall be implemented on-board in order to reduce the overhead costs related to external connections. The complete electronics shall be mounted on a chassis which is placed in a separated compartment at the front-side of the enclosure. Electronics shall consist of an audio input module, two input / eight output channel DSP section, eight power amplifiers with protection circuitry and a switched-mode power supply. Each power amplifier shall drive one loudspeaker.
The input section shall be transformer balanced. All necessary array signal processing shall be implemented in the digital domain by means of a 900MFLOPS 32bits DSP. The DSP shall realize appropriate output channel filters and delays. Besides the aforementioned, the DSP shall be able to realize EQ, pre-delay, volume and autogain, and compression as required. The DSP software and coefficients shall reside in nonvolatile memory in order to facilitate adaptations and software updates.

  • Remote monitoring of parameters like status of the DSP, amplifiers and loads, external pilot tone, status of the ambient noise sensing microphone, chassis temperature, ambient noise level, ambient temperature, control for the input section
  • Remote control of beam parameters, volume and analog pre-gain, pre-delay, EQ, autogain configuration and surveillance related parameters
  • Updating DSP software and factory unit programming