$842.51 MSRP inc.GST



Full-Range Pendant Loudspeaker with RBI


The Control 67P/T is a high output, full-range,
two-way pendant-type loudspeaker that provides
superb sound reproduction and very consistent,
wide coverage for rooms with open architecture
ceilings and other locations where a pendant
form factor is desired.
JBL’s patent-pending Radiation Boundary
Integrator® (RBI) technology, adapted from the
groundbreaking VERTEC™ Series of line array
loudspeakers, delivers consistent coverage of the
listening area. Combining an extra-large 280 mm
(11 in) diameter waveguide with low-frequency
projection apertures, the two coaxially-mounted
drivers provide a seamless integration of
coverage, resulting in extremely even pattern
control and coverage where all listeners hear a
consistent, high-fidelity sound quality. The wide
120° coverage pattern allows for the use of
fewer speakers, reducing the cost of the
installed system without sacrificing performance.
Excellent sound quality coupled with stylish
design and easy installation makes the Control
67P/T ideal for a wide variety of applications
including retail, restaurants, hotels, casinos,
fitness centers, convention centers, exhibit
spaces, conference rooms, atriums, museums,
transit centers and other open-ceiling