$991.19 MSRP inc.GST


JBL Control 67HC/T-WH


The Control 67HC/T is a high output, full range, two-way pendant-type loudspeaker that
provides superb sound reproduction and very
consistent, narrow coverage for rooms with
open architecture ceilings and other locations
where a pendant form factor is desired. The
well-controlled narrow coverage is ideal for
improved voice intelligibility and musical clarity
in high-ceiling venues or in rooms with difficult
acoustics such as convention centers, transit
centers, exhibit venues and hotel atrium areas.
JBL’s patent-pending Radiation Boundary
Integrator® (RBI) technology, adapted from the
groundbreaking VERTEC™ Series of line array
loudspeakers, delivers consistent coverage of the
listening area. Combining an extra-large 295 mm
(11.6 in) diameter waveguide with low frequency projection apertures, the two
coaxially-mounted drivers provide a seamless
integration of coverage, resulting in extremely
even pattern control and coverage where all
listeners hear a consistent, high-fidelity sound