$962.72 MSRP inc.GST


Control® 40CS/T


Control 40CS/T is a direct radiating, high impact, 8” subwoofer designed
to produce powerful bass performance in an in-ceiling loudspeaker.
Featuring high power handling and low distortion, the Control 40CS/T
subwoofer is perfect for in-ceiling sound systems requiring higher fidelity
and low end extension.
The Control 40CS/T also features a built-in passive crossover network
enabling the Control 40CS/T to be used as part of a subwoofer-satellite
system. When combined with the Control 42C, the Control 40CS/T offers
an extremely natural sounding and powerful subwoofer-satellite system
that is perfect for applications requiring wide bandwidth and superior
sonic performance.

Key Features:
• High impact, direct radiating subwoofer with built-in passive crossover for two or four
Control 42C satellite speakers
• 200 mm (8 in) woofer with butyl rubber surround with long excursion
• 8 ohm and 70V/100V operation
• Integrated back can for easy “blind-mount” install
• Packaged with grille and tile rails for easy installation