$205.69 MSRP inc.GST


Control 12C-VA 3″ Compact Ceiling Loudspeaker for
EN54-24 Applications


Control 12C-VA is a full-range, EN54-24
certified ceiling speaker consisting of a
76 mm (3 inch) full-range driver mounted
in a vented, paintable baffle made of
UV resistant UL94-V0 and UL94-5VB
flammability-rated material, with a reattached blind-mount back can for quick and
easy installation. The speaker is designed
to provide excellent sound quality for a
wide variety of low to medium volume
applications such as music cafes, business
music systems, retail stores, music/paging
systems, airports, reception/waiting rooms,
lounges, courtrooms, convention centers,
hotels, educational facilities, and more. The
speaker delivers consistent sound quality
for listeners located both off and on axis.
The high technology cone driver
is designed with a lightweight, high
temperature Kapton™ voice coil former and
aluminum coupling ring to reduce distortion
and extend the high frequency response
of the system. The FEA-optimized motor
construction and cone geometry allow for
a smooth frequency response and more
consistent off-axis performance. A high
temperature grade voice coil insures stable
performance under long term high power
working conditions. The butyl rubber
surround provides long-term durability
and good sonic dampening, and the
polypropylene cone is water and humidity
A high temperature ceramic input
connector with brass inserts secures bare
wire terminations for +, -, and case ground
connections, complying with the BS5839
Part 8 requirements for voice alarm systems
for buildings. The included gland nut fitting
forms a water-tight seal with round jacketed
cable, and the highly water resistant
terminal cover prevents ingress of water to
a minimum of IP-21, per IEC529/60529.
Ideal for a wide variety of projects, the
Control 12C-VA is switchable for use as
either an 8 ohm low-impedance speaker
or as part of a 70V or 100V distributed
loudspeaker system with a 15 Watt multi-tap
transformer. Each speaker comes complete
with gland nut, two tile rail supports,
one C-ring support backing plate, cutout
template, paint shield and grille. A safety
seismic attachment ring is provided on the
terminal cover.

Key Features:
c Components:
• 76 mm (3 in) full-range driver
c EN54-24 Compliant
c Blind-mount back can for quick and easy
c Combined 70V/100V and low impedance
direct operation
• 20 Watts at 8Ω nominal setting
c • 15W multi-tap at 70V/100V
c 68 Hz – 17 kHz bandwidth with wide
130° coverage