$252.69 MSRP inc.GST


JBL CST-2120 Transformer Module


JBL CST-2120 Overview

Suitable for use in restaurants, theater lobbies, grocery stores, and other places requiring background music, the CST-2120 from JBL Commercialis a transformer module designed to provide impedance and voltage matching for the CSA-2120 amplifier, allowing it, in turn, to drive the 70V and 100V distributed-speaker systems commonly needed in most commercial venues. In other words, this transformer module allows amplifiers previously unable to provide 70V or 100V output capability to work with systems designed to operate at those voltages. It provides two channels for this purpose, each able to provide 120W per channel.

Provides 2 channels of impedance matching and voltage matching for constant voltage operation
Provides 70V and 100V output when used with CSA-2120 amplifiers
Rackmountable; can be easily integrated into distributed systems
Detachable block-input/output connectors
Key Features
  • 2-Channel Transformer Module
  • Works with CSA-2120 Amplifier
  • Drives 70V & 100V Speaker Systems
  • Provides Impedance and Voltage Matching