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JBL CBT 1000-WH Adjustable Coverage Column Installation Speaker – White


Adjustable-pattern Array Column from JBL

JBL has expanded on its hugely successful Constant Beamwidth Technology with the CBT 1000 — the next leap forward in a pattern-controlled, passive loudspeaker perfect for a wide array of performance spaces. Auditoriums, houses of worship, lecture halls, classrooms — just about any conceivable space can be filled with the CBT 1000 and its highly adjustable vertical and horizontal pattern coverage. The CBT 1000 puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to customizing the direction of the sound it projects, allowing you to essentially “paint” the canvas of each room’s unique shape with beautifully projected sound. Acoustic projection and design enthusiasts here at Sweetwater love the CBT 1000.

JBL CBT 1000-WH Features:

  • Constant Beamwidth Technology provides directivity through highest frequencies for reduced lobing
  • Individually adjustable vertical pattern coverage gives you control for acoustic shaping to fit room
  • Patent-pending Tapered Horizontal Waveguide lets you vary horizontal dispersion for better coverage of front and rear corners of room
  • Single-speaker room coverage at high SPL, with little over-splash and strong bass response down to below 40Hz
  • Frequency range 45Hz–20kHz perfect for music or speech
  • Switchable voicing adds a presence boost for speech applications
  • Swivel (pan)/tilt wall bracket included