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JBL – JBL AM7215-26-WRX

JBL AM7215/26-WRX Extreme Weather-Resistant Speaker (120 x 60°, Black


JBL AM7215/26 Overview

The black, 120 x 60° coverage JBL AM7215/26-WRX Extreme Weather-Resistant Speaker is a lightweight, 2-way high-power loudspeaker system that features the JBL Differential-Drive dual-voice coil and dual-magnetic gap 2265H-1 15″ low-frequency driver, and the 2432H-1 high-frequency 1.5″ exit, 3″ voice-coil compression driver. A 120 x 60° coverage pattern is provided by the large-format PT-H126HF-1 Progressive-Transition waveguide. The loudspeaker system can be positioned in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. Moreover, the speaker’s high-slope passive network minimizes band overlap and its well-controlled off-axis response enhances arrayability.

The AM7215/26-WRX loudspeaker cabinet is well suited for direct exposure to the elements or any extreme environment such as tropical climates, beach areas, or other locations with high or low temperature extremes, salty air, high humidity or rapid change in temperature. Its heavily braced and weatherproofed trapezoid multi-ply birch enclosure has a DuraFlex finish and is constructed to maximize low-frequency performance. Furthermore, the enclosure is fitted with fifteen M10 threaded-attachment points, and utilizes a 14-gauge steel grille internally lined with acoustically transparent foam to provide additional driver protection.

The JBL AM7215/26-WRX is part of JBL’s AE Series, a versatile family of loudspeakers intended for a wide variety of applications, which includes but is not limited to: performing arts facilities, theatrical sound design, auditoriums, worship facilities, live clubs, dance clubs, sports facilities, and themed entertainment venues.

Designed for extreme weather resistance
120 x 60° coverage
262H-1 Differential-Drive low-frequency driver
2432H-1 High-frequency compression driver
PT-H126HF-1 Large PT Progressive-Transition rotatable waveguide for excellent pattern control and low distortion
The speaker can be positioned for vertical or horizontal orientation
Bi-Amp / Passive Switchable
Key Features
  • 2-Way Full-Range Speaker
  • Extreme Weather Resistance
  • 120 x 60° Coverage
  • Pattern Control with Low Distortion