“EV – EVA-1151D-PIW – Subwoofer Lin e Array 1x 15″” LF 500W; Weatherize d; White”

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EVA-1151D (White)

15″ Subwoofer Line Array Element (Weatherized) (EVA-1151D-PIW)




Electro-Voice EVA-1151D is a high-power, front-loaded subwoofer module for use with EVA full-range line-array modules. It can be arrayed on top of an EVA full-range array using an EVA-SG2 standard or EVA-EG2 extended grid, or behind a full-range EVA array using the EVA-CG coupler grid, which allows subs to be flown in the array without increasing trim height. Up to three EVA-1151D subwoofer modules and five full-range modules may be flown in this configuration from a single hang point. The unique acoustic and integrated rigging design of the EVA series also allows for construction of vertical arrays up to eight modules high using any combination of EVA-1151D and/or EVA-2082S modules.

EVA-1151D has been designed exclusively for fixed installation applications. The DVX3159A 15” woofer is specially designed for subwoofer duty to provide reliable low-frequency performance with solid impact and low distortion at high sound pressure levels. The enclosure is constructed of 18mm 13-ply birch plywood reinforced with internal steel rigging top to bottom and coated with EVCoat for durability and professional appearance. PI versions are available for indirect outdoor exposure or fiberglass (FG) versions for severe exposure applications. PI and FG versions include the CDG dual-gland-nut input panel cover and stainless steel three-layer grille. The innovative input panel provides a choice of Phoenix/Euroblock connectors, optional CDNL4 cover plate with dual NL4-type connectors or the CSG single-gland-nut plate for use with cable. Enclosure side-panel covers conceal all suspension hardware and provide a smooth, monolithic appearance. In keeping with the modular building-block philosophy behind EVA series loudspeakers, inter-module tie plates included with the EVA-1151D provide for splays of 0° or 5° between subwoofer modules to help accommodate the wide variety of array configurations possible, including stand-alone subwoofer arrays.



  • High power and front loaded
  • Seamless rigging with EVA line arrays
  • Weather resistant
  • DVX3159A woofer for low distortion at high SPL
  • Steel-reinforced 13-ply birch enclosure
  • DVX3159A woofer for low distortion at high SPL
  • 98dB sensitivity (1W/1m half space)
  • Power handling, 500W continuous, 2000W peak
  • 125/131dB maximum SPL (continuous/peak)
  • Integrated hidden suspension hardware
  • Splays of 0° or 5° between modules
  • EVADA (EVA Design Assistant) software tool
  • Ideal for fixed installations




  •  Warranty – Yes
  •  Spec Sheet available – Yes
  •  Speaker Diameter (Driver): 15 in
  •  Maximum Frequency Response (Bandwidth): 250 Hz
  •  Maximum Frequency Response (Bandwidth): 0.25 kHz
  •  Minimum Frequency Response (Bandwidth): 48 Hz
  •  Minimum Frequency Response (Bandwidth): 0.05 kHz
  •  Finish: White
  •  Impedance: 8 ohm
  •  Maximum SPL (Sound Pressure Level): 131 dB
  •  Power Handling: 500 Watt
  •  Sensitivity: 98 dB
  •  Peak Power: 2000 Watt
  •  Depth: 18.20 in
  •  Height: 23.50 in
  •  Width: 23.50 in
  •  Net Weight: 89.10 lbs
  •  Shipping Weight: 98.90 lbs
  •  Warranty (Length/Type): 3 Years
  •  Crossover Frequency: 100 Hz (Typical)
  •  Recommended High-Pass Frequency: 35 Hz
  •  Color: White
  •  Sustainability Rating: IP55
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