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Blustream – AD11 – Audio Lip Sync Controller Analogue Audio Delay

$209.00 RRP Inc GST


Our AD11 has been designed to help correct audio delay incurred when seperating audio and visual signals in an AV system

The AD11 can add a delay of up to 1 second selectable in 15 increments, and has a volume adjustment of -75dB to 0dB.


  • In-line 2ch analogue audio delay with line-level volume control
  • Supports 48KHz / 24 bit sample rates
  • Selectable audio delay from 50-1,000ms:
  • 0-500ms in steps of 50ms
  • 500-1,000ms in step is of 100ms
  • Adjustable line level volume control from -75dB to 0dB

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