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Behringer – SU9920 – Ultimate Stere o Sound Enhancement Processor

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The SU9920 is a professional signal processor that can improve the presence and liveliness of audio signals of all types, giving your music the added dimension that will make your performances and recordings come alive! The SU9920 does this through the use of a special dynamic filter and a 3-band phase delay algorithm to add clarity, depth and punch – without any unnatural side effects.

Since the SU9920 has 2 independent channels, you can process a stereo signal or 2 mono signals, such as a bass guitar in one channel – and a keyboard, vocal or guitar in the other. The ultimate sound enhancement tool for home and professional recording studios, DJ systems, PA systems and web-casting, the SONIC ULTRAMIZER SU9920 is also an amazing addition to your 5.1 surround and hi-fi setups.

Why You Need the SU9920
Music is made up of very complex sound waves that cover a wide range of frequencies and harmonics. And no matter how good your sound system is reproducing music, in all its intricate detail, is an art that often requires a little something extra – something we call “magic”. The SU9920 provides a healthy dose of sonic magic using 2 simple controls (Process and Low Contour) to compensate for the phase and amplitude differences that occur between these frequencies during amplification – anomalies that can take the luster off an otherwise perfect performance. The SU9920 lets you always dial in the perfect sound, both in the studio – and in front of a live audience. Surprisingly affordable and easy to use, the SU9920 brings your music alive with articulate mids, sparkling highs and ultra-tight low end!

Sweet in the Studio
In a studio environment, the SU9920 brings increased focus and clarity to your sessions, and is the ideal choice for mastering all of your recording projects. Even if you work primarily with a digital audio workstation, you can easily add a touch of professional high-end polish to your music by using the remarkable SU9920 during the final mastering process.

Vibrant Live Sound
Using the SU9920 in live sound applications is the perfect way to give your sound system stunning clarity and incredible low-end punch – and with only 2 controls per channel, you’ll master dialing it up in no time at all! The Process knob controls how much of the high-frequency content is processed, with a maximum level boost of +12 dBu at 5 kHz. Likewise, the Low Contour knob controls how much of the low-frequency content is processed, with a maximum level boost of +12 dBu at 50 Hz. With these 2 simple dials, you can make major signal quality improvements and bring out the very best in your sound system – whether you’re mixing a duo at the coffee house, or dialing a massive outdoor concert!

Maximum Intelligibility
In public facility applications, such as churches, meeting halls, and other predominantly spoken-word venues, the SU9920 dramatically increases vocal intelligibility, so the speaker’s message is clearly heard – all the way to the back of the room. Musical performance in these applications also benefit from SU9920 enhancement, exhibiting increased punch, definition and high-end presence – even at surprisingly low volume levels.

In addition to being great for use with stereo signals, the SONIC ULTRAMIZER is ideal for individual instrument signals, such as guitar, keyboards or bass. Just connect the SU9920 into the signal path, or use your amp’s effects loop, for sound with more presence, fullness and punch. Since the SU9920 can be run in stereo or dual mono, you can even use one side for the bass, the other for a keyboard or guitar.

Sound Value
You’d be hard-pressed to find any other single piece of gear that can improve the sound of your recordings or live shows more than the SONIC ULTRAMIZER SU9920. And this mastering marvel is so very affordable, you’ll want 2 or 3 for your studio, and a couple more for your live rack. Get down to your BEHRINGER dealer, or get your first SU9920 online today – you will be back for more!




  • Dramatically improves your sound by adding clarity, dimension and depth
  • Produces natural brightness through harmonic enhancement and tighter bass with increased punch through phase compensation
  • Professional and home recording studios: brings out the full sound spectrum of your tracks, mixdown and mastering
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