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Behringer – SPL3220 – Stereo Multib and Sound Processor – Loudness Ma mizer – Li

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Stereo Multiband Sound Processor/Loudness Maximizer/Limiter





Whether at a club, a church or an outdoor festival, the ability to accurately and effectively control sound volume has always been challenging. Especially in today’s regulatory environment, it’s extremely important for proprietors to have a solution in place to prevent complaints and fines, and to protect their customers and sound system when an over-enthusiastic engineer decides to “crank it up.” The SPL3220 offers the ideal solution, providing dependable and seamless full-loudness control – without sacrificing the sonic integrity of the sound system, or listening pleasure of the audience.


Exceptional Sound Quality and Intelligibility

Thanks to onboard, multiband Interactive Gain Control (IGC) and Interactive Knee Adaptation (IKA) compression, the SPL3220 allows you to apply processing with surgical precision for maximum punch and intelligibility – without the audible artifacts associated with traditional, broadband dynamics processors. Additionally, the SPL3220 can be used for mix leveling and maximizing signal density at low volumes, where perceived loudness becomes even more important. Add to this the ability to enhance speech intelligibility and provide exceptional loudspeaker protection, while preserving dynamic range – and the SPL3220 becomes an essential part of every audio engineer’s toolkit.


Total Control is in Your Hands

Professional XLR/TRS combination and Euroblock connectors provide the ultimate in versatility, allowing the SPL3220 to be inserted in-line prior to house amplification, no matter the system configuration. Built-in hard-bypass relays ensure system protection and signal continuity in the event of a power failure, or an accidental disconnect. High-accuracy I/O Level and Gain Reduction meters, plus an elegant and intuitive control panel make optimal system setup fast and easy. SPL3220’s control panel access cover can even be sealed to prevent unauthorized access, providing total system security.


Sound Value

For the clearest sound and multiband compression without artifacts, you can do no better than the SPL3220. With an elegant and simple (not to mention lockable) front panel, a multitude of connectivity options and our proprietary IGC and IKA circuitry, the SPL3220 is sure to enhance your sonic environment. Pick one up at your local BEHRINGER dealer, or order the incredible SPL3220 online today!




  • Professional multiband sound processor for public address, broadcasting and mastering applications
  • Multiband technology provides for brilliant and lively audio processing without audible ?pumping? artifacts
  • Loudness maximization to achieve ultimate signal density for public address and competitive broadcast sound
  • Leveler automatically adjusts signal density for harmonized loudness and enhanced listening experience
  • Protects speaker systems that are submitted to continuous operation at maximum SPL
  • Controls the maximum allowable sound pressure level in public musical environments such as discotheques, pubs, etc.
  • Speech enhancer to dramatically increase speech intelligibility for PA applications such as airports and emergency announcement systems
  • IKA (Interactive Knee Adaptation) compressor features ?inaudible? compression and prevents “pumping” due to low-frequency signals
  • IGC (Interactive Gain Control) peak limiting circuitry combines clipper and program limiter for reliable and inaudible protection against signal peaks
  • Highly accurate 8-segment input/output level and gain reduction meter
  • True stereo operation through RMS energy summing for perfect stereo imaging
  • Complies with certain regulations ? unit can be sealed to avoid unauthorized changes to settings
  • Two balanced/unbalanced inputs on combination line level XLR/TRS and 3-pin Euroblock connectors
  • Operating level switchable from +4 dBu to -10 dBv
  • Hinged front door panel covers the control surface plus the power switch
  • Rack ear screw covers, IEC-type AC power cord and all mating Euroblock connectors included
  • Ultra-light, ultra-low noise and ultra-efficient switch-mode power supply for noise-free audio, superior transient response and low power consumption
  • Designed and engineered in Germany
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