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Behringer – MS8000 – Ultra-Flexible 8-Channel Microphone Splitter

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Behringer Ultralink MS8000 8-Channel Mic Splitter




The ULTRALINK MS8000 from Behringer is an eight-channel microphone splitter suitable for recording consoles, monitoring systems, interfaces, and more. It features eight XLR inputs and sixteen XLR outputs, with each input automatically split into two outputs—one pre-transformer and one post-transformer—in order to feed different types of gear.

Press any link button on the front panel and one input will be routed into four outputs, allowing you to send a vocal mic to the FOH console, a recording interface, in-ear monitors, and a broadcast truck, all at the same time. Furthermore, this unit features ground lift switches to eliminate hum on every channel, as well as phantom power on eight of the sixteen outputs.




  • 8x XLR inputs
  • 4x Link, 8x Lift/Ground controls
  • Link connectors: 8x XLR outputs, parallel to inputs
  • Direct connectors: 8x XLR outputs
  • Suitable for Consoles, Monitoring, & FOH
  • Phantom Power
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