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Behringer – IS202 – Professional Do cking Station for iPad with Audio – Video an

$249.00 RRP Inc GST



Professional Docking Station for iPad with Audio, Video and MIDI Connectivity




The iSTUDIO iS202 iPad Docking Station is the perfect music production tool for both home studio and live recording. So much more than just a convenient way to recharge your iPad, the iS202 lets you create, produce and perform music using your favorite audio gear and musical instruments. Connectivity is provided for your dynamic and phantom powered condenser mics; a Hi-Z instrument such as an electric guitar or bass; turntable; a wide range of line-level devices (mixers, CD and mp3 players, etc.) – and your MIDI gear.


You can also connect an external video monitor or projector, and monitor your project using headphones or a set of high-quality active loudspeakers, such as our MS40 DIGITAL MONITOR SPEAKERS (not included).


Flexible Functionality

Always at the ready, the iS202 makes it easy to unleash your creative spirit by providing access to your iPad’s powerful internal processor, touch-screen interface and the vast array of available apps. A convenient onboard MIDI USB interface allows the transfer of MIDI data to and from your iPad for even more creative possibilities. The iSTUDIO iS202 bridges the gap between your instruments and professional audio devices, for a dynamically creative environment that will continue to grow as even more apps become available.


Powerful Portability

The road-ready iS202 is the ideal way to capture your inspiration on the tour bus, at the park – or by the campfire. The built-in battery compartment holds eight 1.5-Volt “AA” batteries (not included), so you can power the iSTUDIO even when you’re off -the-grid. Now you can record, perform, or craft and create music in virtually any situation or location.


Conveniently Close

Thanks to our optional P16-MB Mounting Bracket, you can easily attach your iS202 to a microphone, music or drum stand – so it’s always right where you need it. The high-quality steel bracket securely holds your iS202 and iPad at the perfect angle, putting control of all parameters right at your fingertips!


Vitally Versatile

The iS202 features two combination XLR – ¼ ” inputs, each with its own Gain control and switchable phantom power for use with condenser microphones. These inputs will accept analog signals from virtually any piece of audio gear including amps, mixers and external preamps. A guitar or electric bass can be connected directly to the iSTUDIO without the need for a DI box thanks to the built-in Hi-Z switch, which also allows you to perform and record straight into your amplifier and FX modeling apps. We’ve also included a stereo Aux Input, so you can connect a wide range of line-level sources, even a turntable – perfect for DJs, or for archiving your precious vinyl collection.


Recording has Never Been Easier

In the old days when you wanted to record the band, you needed lots of gear and cables, or you had to spend gobs of money renting studio time. The iS202 makes it easy to record and edit your projects, letting you concentrate on your performance and creativity. Just connect your mixer’s outputs to iS202, open your favorite recording app and hit the button, nothing is easier. You can also use the built-in MIDI capability to control your external keyboards, samplers, drum machines and sound modules.


We’ve Got Connections

Balanced stereo ¼ ” TRS outputs are provided for connecting to your studio monitors, PA systems and much more. Musicians can monitor tracks via the dual independently-controllable phones outputs, which are equipped with our adjustable direct monitoring controls for the ideal balance between incoming and playback signals, or through a pair of active studio monitors. Two footswitch connectors are also provided for application-defined remote control of your input selection and an expression pedal. If video is part of your production, iS202’s RCA composite connector works with all standard video projectors, as well as most television and computer monitors.


Road-Ready and Rugged

When it comes to rugged reliability, we are one of the top industry leaders. Because your reputation, as well as ours depends on it, quality control is the first thing we build into each and every product. As a result, the iSTUDIO iS202 can easily withstand life on the road, and provide dependable performance for many years to come – and we back it up with a comprehensive warranty program.


A+ Value

With two combination XLR-¼ ” Mic/Line inputs with phantom power and the added ability to recharge your iPad, the iS202 lets you create, produce and perform music using your favorite musical instruments, audio gear – and recording/editing apps. Get down to your Behringer dealer, or place your iSTUDIO iS202 order online today!




  • Complete and high-quality Music Studio for Apple iPad (3rd generation), iPad 2 and iPad
  • Connect your microphones, instruments and audio sources to virtually any audio/MIDI app
  • Optional battery operation for mobile applications (batteries not included)
  • Attach to any standard mic, music or drum stand via mounting bracket (P16-MB not included)
  • Core Audio/MIDI compatible including MIDI SysEx for use with any iOS App
  • Versatile I/O functionality with adjustable headphone output and direct monitoring control
  • Separate Video output for connecting your iPad to TVs and projectors
  • Standard MIDI I/O plus USB-to-host connectors for ultimate MIDI connectivity
  • iPad powering and battery charging via the iSTUDIO dock
  • Ergonomic design layout all control elements on top panel with headphone connector on front
  • Slide-in access for mating with iPad dock connector suitable for iPad (3rd generation), iPad 2 and iPad
  • Universal switch-mode power supply with country-specific wall socket adapter included

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