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Behringer – CMDMICRO – Compact 2-De ck DJ MIDI Controller

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Compact 2-Deck DJ MIDI Controller




You may think that when you buy a small DJ controller, you will have to trade-off size for functionality – not with the incredible CMD MICRO! This little gem has everything you need to DJ – only smaller. We added the features our competitors left out, because we know that when you get home, you might actually want to USE it. Touch sensitive platters? Check! Multiple cue points? Check! Channel faders? Check! Thanks to CMD MICRO’s comprehensive and intuitive design, you get all the features you need to put on a stunning live show – all in a take-anywhere compact format!

The CMD MICRO works well as standalone controller for a wide range of DJ and production software including Native Instruments Traktor *, Serato Scratch Live *, Ableton Live * and any other MIDI-compatible programs. Whether you’re a DJ, producer, recording engineer, or hobbyist, the CMD MICRO makes getting your hands into your software easy and affordable. Class-compliant MIDI protocol enables right out-of-the-box, plug-and-play operation with any MIDI software – no additional drivers required.


Works with any Computer Platform

While we’re talking about features, let’s talk about the biggest feature that often goes missing from competing products – iOS compatibility. If you’re going to drag out a big laptop, why bother with an ultra-compact controller? Of course, you can also use the CMD MICRO as a controller with any computer as well – it’s class-compliant and will work with Macs or PCs – without needing to install drivers of any kind; it’s truly plug and play. Easy to carry, easy to use and easy to understand – and best of all, easy on your wallet!


Extreme Value and Expandability

Small in size – but BIG on features, the DJ CONTROLLER CMD MICRO gives you the home-field advantage, even if your gig takes you around the world! Check out the amazing DJ CONTROLLER CMD MICRO at your Behringer dealer – or order yours online today!




  • 45mm faders for channels, crossfader, and pitch faders for a more natural DJ-friendly feel
  • Compatible with popular DJ software including Native Instruments Traktor, Serato Scratch Live, Ableton Live and any other MIDI-compatible programs
  • Touch-sensitive platters allow for pitch-bending and scratching
  • Highly portable and low-cost DJ control solution for computers or iOS based devices
  • USB bus-powered
  • Class-compliant MIDI protocol enables plug-and-play with any MIDI software
  • Slim tabletop design for ultimate portability
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