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Bosch – BCH-LB20PC60EW5L Loudspeaker Cabinet 2-way 5 Inch 60 0-100V-8Ohm- 90×90 IP65 U-Mount Inc

Bosch LB20PC60EW5L Cabinet Speaker

Product Description

The LB20-PC60EW-5, from Bosch, is a high-performance, two-way, full-range, 5.25″ (133 mm) surface mount speaker with excellent wide, uniform dispersion, and outstanding performance. It is designed for background and foreground music, voice evacuation, paging, and sound reinforcement, and it’s ideal for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications, such as restaurants, bars, patios, retail, fitness clubs, hospitality, theme parks, leisure venues, and others. With unparalleled ease-of-installation, exceptional weather resistance, modern and delicate look, and its flexible mounting options, the LB20- PC60EW-5 is the perfect solution for a wide variety of surface mount applications.

The LB20-PC60EW-5 has been carefully engineered to resist the toughest weather conditions, without compromising on performance for indoor applications. The full-range speaker is IP65 rated, and its weatherproofing is complemented with exceptional cabinet and grille resistance against sun, salt, moisture, and chlorine.

The LB20-PC60EW-5 includes a versatile U-Bracket that has been designed with the installer in mind, allowing for a wide range of installation applications. The U-Bracket allows for 80 degrees of rotation.

The LB20-PC60EW-5 utilizes a 60 W transformer, that offers a selection of 7.5 W (70 V only), 15 W, 30 W or 60 W delivered to the speaker system using either 70 V or 100 V lines, or 8 ? bypass for low impedance lines. Selection is done with a convenient switch on the input panel located on the rear of the speaker. The wide range of LB20 surface mount speakers has been designed to work together as a complete system in a variety of different surface mount constructions, and to be used in combination with other LB20 ceiling and in-wall speakers.