100v (High Impedance)


Australin Monitor – VC-LOG Logarithmic Attenuator. Clipsal 200

$100.00 RRP Inc GST



Remote Volume Control
HPM VIVO Compatible
The VC-LOG is a remote wall mounted volume control that allows remote volume VCA control.
Compatible with the HS mixer amplifiers, ZRM4 and the MX series mixers (when used in conjunction with the AMVCA).
Logarithmic Sweep Potentiometer

• HPM VIVO Style Wallplate
• 500K ohm Logarithmic potentiometer
• Compatible with MX61, MX82, MX883, HSMIX, HS60, HS120, HS250 & ZRM4 (two required for MX82 & MX883)
• MX series mixers require AMVCA module installed

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