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Australian Monitor – IMBOB Omni pattern boundary condenser mic rophone – black

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Boundary Microphone Omni




The IMBOB boundary condenser microphone provides a premium solution for ambient sound recording and sound reinforcement. This Omni condenser microphone is tailored specifically for distance micing. The frequency response has been tuned to reduce plosive and overly sibilant sounds. Each microphone is supplied with a rubber isolation pad on its base to keep mechanical noise and rumble to a minimum.

This quality boundary condenser microphone is highly recommended for ambient recordings, teleconference, boardroom meetings, and many other applications requiring a surface boundary microphone solution.




• Omni polar pattern
• High gain before feedback
• High sensitivity
• Neutral response
• Robust diecast chassis




Mounting Desk or Wall Frequency Response 30HZ – 18kHz
Polar Pattern Omni Phantom Power 9 – 52V
Transducer Type Electret Condenser Colour Black
Warranty 5 years
Product Dimensions
(W x D x H)
85mm x 20.5mm Shipping Dimensions
(W x D x H)
125mm x 70mm x 251mm
Net Weight 180g Shipping Weight 0.5kg
GTIN EAN 9323383019669

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