Australian Monitor – DM4X4 IS series 4 x 4 Dante card for IS s eries

$325.00 RRP Inc GST



Dante® Expansion Card
4 Input, 4 Output

Dante® expansion card for use with the IS series of power amplifiers.

Provides 4 inputs channels from a Dante network which can be routed to any amplifier output channel. In addition, 4 Dante® outputs channels are available to route any analogue inputs back on to the network.

Note: Due to restrictions in the Dante solution, the DM4x4 only supports 2 transmit and 2 receive flows (A flow can contain up to 4 audio channels). This means that the Dante audio connected must be in one of the following modes.
• 1 device containing 4 audio streams
• 2 devices containing 2 audio streams
It does not support 4 devices containing 1 audio stream (This would need 4 flows).
This restriction applies to both receive and transmit directions.

• 4 Input Channels
• 4 Output Channels
• AES67 Support
• Simple expansion slot install using a ribbon cable
• Dante® network setup is performed using the Dante® Controller software from Audinate.
• Compatible with IS2120P, IS2250P, IS4120P, IS4250P

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